The holiday shop

During the holidays, we transformed our agency website into a jolly Holiday Shop. To thank partners, clients and interns for supporting our creativity all year round, we sent them a package with one of our limited edition scarves.

We had a blast preparing the packages and filling them with bits of laughs and love.

Just in case there were some anonymous supporters out there who felt left out and wanted a scarf as well, we offered the possibility to order a free scarf online. First come, first serve!

Appearently, we managed to warm a few hearts and get our thanks accross. Our supporters eagerly showed off their scarves on social media, using the hashtag #scarfedforlife.

From left to right:

@gebohardu - (Tourism Bruges), Sem Den Hollander, @devine_howest, @viezevincent, @lienswings, Joris Willems