Custom made Sleepstreet Bicyles

Sleepstreet was founded mid 2010, but the heritage of these crafty welded steel frames goes back further in time. The unique steel frames are handcrafted by one of Belgium’s finest craftsman. Luc has spent most of his professional life building frames by hand and some of the greatest cyclists rode on a frame made by Luc. His throughout knowledge of steel frame building leads to functional superiority. Sleepstreet bicyles are in that way not only pretty enjoyable to look at, but are also a comfortable and healthy ride.


But Sleepstreet contains more than some decades of frame building experience. Sleepstreet’s contemporary outlook on design is created by our designers. Each frame is not only built by hand, but also designed with passion and love. Each bike has it’s story that we visualize in it’s design. Apart from the design we also are on a continuous search for state-of-the-art bicycle parts to create the most unique bicycles you can imagine. Each bicycle is professionally assembled.


The vision behind the Sleepstreet bicycles is one of simple clean aesthetics. We love a classic approach, but give each bike a contemporary twist. Sleepstreet is not about being a big bike producing company but about making limited custom mades bikes of great quality and with a unique look for bike lovers and bon vivants. Sleepstreet are the bicycles we have in our heads and are the bicycles we love to see in every street.