All black everything

Ok, let’s borrow these few lines from our good friends of A nice read about.. us! And, about a brand new bike we made for Ronald Hans, aka Nalden.


A chat between like-minds Nalden & gents agency resulted in the idea of developing an all-black urban single speed bicycle with some serious attitude. The result? Custom frame, Schwalbe tires, some BLB parts and Velocity wheels. Built with passion in Belgium. Each buyer can add his own personal vector logo on the front. Black Excellence... truly yours!


In the beginning blogs were just online journals where people wrote down their daily thoughts. Sometimes they published a recipe because they made an amazing chocolate chip cookie, and yes, sometimes they bragged about that awesome sweater they bought. Suddenly dollar bills appeared in savvy marketeers’ eyes because they realized the reach and credibility of this target group.


They started to contact bloggers, send them gifts and products to review and even invited them to special blogger events. But not only marketeers are clever, you also have clever bloggers. The next big thing is without any doubt collaborations: capsule collections, bloggers becoming photographers or stylists,…


We already have some fierce examples e.g. Garance Dore shooting the lookbook of Club Monaco, Swedish Elin Kling who did a capsule collection for H&M,…now we only have to wait for Bryan Boy to design a new it-bag for Prada (fur much?). Blogger Nalden also managed to turn his name into a brand. Everybody knows his name, his style,…and being a clever business man, he turned his blog into a real business venture (he created e.g. the awesome online filesharing system But he was not resting on his laurels, he surprised us this time with his collaboration. And no, it’s a not global brand he collaborated with, it’s a Belgian creative agency.


A few months ago, Nalden’s observations led him to gents agency, a quircky advertising boutique (that’s what they call themselves) with offices in the historic heart of Ghent but operating on an international level. gents is a young agency but their clients list is impressive: Peak Performance,Massimo Dutti, Uterqüe, Loro Piana,… just to name a few. After some cosy sofa chit-chat in Amsterdam, they had the idea to develop an all-black urban single speed bicycle (Tim, the creative director of the agency is a huge cycling and fixies afacionado). It resulted in the All Black Everything, a bike with some serious attitude, branded by the Dutch überblogger.


The bike has a custom frame, Schwalbe tires, some BLB parts and Velocity wheels, built with passion in…Belgium. Each buyer can also add his own personal vector logo on the front.