The Courage
to Unplug

A micro social experiment to reconnect with reality

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How can we create a digital campaign that encourages social mavericks to ditch their screen and disconnect to reconnect with reality?


We set up Unplug, a micro social experiment where 7 brave online influencers from all over the world are challenged to go on a digital detox.

For 48 hours, they left their followers - and everything else - behind and flew to Pocahontas County, West Virginia, USA. A place with everything anyone could possibly ask for. Except Wifi! 

Social documentaries

We captured the experiences of our online influencers and created highly relatable micro-documentaries, fit for social media.

Unplug test

Viewers at home can take part in the challenge as well. By answering questions (from a chat bot), they can test just how unplugged they are. With the possibility of winning a Ray-Ban unplug kit, fans are encouraged to leave behind their digital lifestyle… (For a little while at least.)