Blow up your summer inflates its summer sales

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How can we breathe new life into’s summer sales and create a buzz-generating social campaign that draws attention to their crazy discounts?


By making summer sales sexy! How? First of all, by creating a social media campaign based on what people already love (to share): inflatable pool toys! In celebration of’s summer sales and all things sunny and to breathe life into people's holidays. Literally.


We gathered the cutest pool animals known to man and inflated them as a way of marking’s summer sales! In doing so, we encouraged fans to breathe life into their summer as well with’s cheap tickets. Destination? Anywhere sunny!


The summer sales Facebook campaign reached around 400,000 people, the posts were shared 150 times and the’s Facebook page gained more than 350 new likes. In total, there were 229,000 post engagements, building great recognition for the brand in Belgium while strengthening its overall position.