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To set up a European campaign to promote Alpro’s new Mild&Creamy range and communicate the endless possibilities of their new product.


We launched the interactive #mildandcreamy platform, offering online inspiration to accompany offline tastings. We allowed visitors to build their own Alpro #mildandcreamy with a personal combination of toppings and have it delivered to their doorstep. The interactive campaign encourages visitors to discover the Mild&Creamy range in combination with a selection of original toppings.


More than 300,000 unique visitors found their way to the Alpro #mymildandcreamy website, and the inspirational video on YouTube was viewed in full more than 3 million times. More than 10,000 unique #mymildancreamy combinations were made and shared while forming the inspiration for many mouth-watering blogposts. Thus complementing this digital project with tangible offline results. 


The offline part of the campaign brought everyone’s unique combination to the breakfast table. More than 18,000 personal toppings were home delivered in more than 3,600 unique packages. A logistic feat for gents, and the perfect start to launch the Alpro Mild&Creamy breakfast revolution. 

Good Morning Today.
Good Morning Everyday.

The Mild & Creamy campaign was such a success that a second European wave was launched  soon after. The "Good morning today. Good morning everyday" campaign focussed on the versatile character of the natural alternative offered by the Mild & Creamy range. We created a unique spot showing a tailor made and handcrafted wooden spoon construction that triggers a rain of fruits, nuts, seeds and cereals over Alpro’s Mild & Creamy Plain.

The Rain commercial

The making of The Rain commercial

The making of The Rain commercial