Sleepstreet Bicycles

Shake the world’s streets and make all fellow bikers jealous

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Create limited custom made bikes of great quality with a unique look, for bikers and bon vivants.


We came up with Sleepstreet bicycles, bicycles we would love to see in every street. They are not only pretty enjoyable to look at, but guarantee a comfortable ride.

We used only state-of-the-art bicycle parts to create the most unique bicycles you can imagine.

Sleepstreet also means more than decades of frame building experience. Each frame is not only built by hand, but also designed with passion and love. Its contemporary outlook on design is created by our in-house designers. Each bike has its unique story that we visualize in its design.

The vision behind Sleepstreet bicycles is one of simple clean aesthetics. We love a classic approach but gave each bike a contemporary twist.