Ray-Ban x Rewind

The mixtape project that makes textures audible and shareable

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Ray-Ban launched a new collection fabricated from 8 iconic materials. How can we share texture and touch in a digitally savvy way?


The Rewind x Ray-Ban app. A concept inspired by the iconic mixtape and inspired by the charm of sharing for the digital generation. We created 8 mixtape designs that feel like the authentic material of one of the new Ray-Ban glasses. Scan the paper mixtapes with the Rewind x Ray-Ban app and unlock the exclusive playlists.


Each playlist represents the material's unique from "rough as denim" to "smooth as velvet". Music on the tapes featured bands such as Chromatics and the Dum Dum Girls. No mixtape, no music!

The mixtapes were distributed at festivals, stores and via magazines such as Vanity Fair


More than 200,000 mixtapes were scanned, listened to and shared by tens of thousands of people. Over 30,000 people downloaded the app.