La Favo

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Rebranding of the original ànd limited edition Sergio Herman flavours

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Provide a rebrand for the core flavours of La Favo granola and design packagings for 3 new exciting mixes made by star chef Sergio Herman. Proving that taste is equally important in nutrition and design.

The Sergio Herman Flavours

For Sergio Herman’s creations, we provide clean, minimalistic packaging design with artisanal stamp-like logo inspired by beach and sunrise. The Japanese influences cannot be overlooked here.

The main source of inspiration for Sergio’s collection were his Zealandic roots and those familiar tastes that reminded him of home. We take it further in our visual concept, conveying the soothing feeling of morning at the sea in these simple yet refined designs.

The Original Flavours

For the set of core flavours, we wrap the La Favo goodness in bold modern patterns, delivering a crafty & playful packaging that showcases the key ingredients in nonchalant drawings and transparent elements. The most important meal of the day just got dressed to impress.

Both La Favo and the packaging are crafted in Belgium on demand. A perfect DNA fit.