Bye Bye
Card Reader

Establishing itsme® as the norm in logging in online

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Promote Belgian Mobile ID’s app itsme®  among Belgians as the best way to login in and prove your identity online. Showing that you don’t need card readers anymore.


We create a series of short stories, where card readers are so obsolete, they become part of history. itsme® replaces the card reader and is introduced as thé smartest way to log in to your bank, eID, Tax-On-Web and official government applications.


In the different videos, we spot the card reader during key moments in history. Showing up on a hieroglyph from ancient Egypt, in a painted Greek tragedy on a vase, as an evil antagonist in a fairytale and in an eighties comic book.

In sharp contrast, itsme® consequently becomes the current and future smartest way to log in and prove your identity online.


Starting from a mobile-mindset, we created a series of 7 second videos for both television and social. Using the same bite-size content for social and television, we kept our message short, snappy and straight-forward.


Together with Audiotheque, we tackled the sonic branding for itsme®, bringing alive the optimistic, human and innovative nature of the app and creating a catchy itsme® custom sound logo.