South Tyrol

300 days of sunshine

The sunniest campaign

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To promote this multi-faceted but lesser-known Northern Italian region amongst the Belgian public. Insight: South Tyrol has 300 sun-sure days a year.


The pop-up website was all about inspiring people. Over the course of 8 weeks, visitors could get exclusive inspiration and offers in a South Tyrolean accent.

The summer pop-up website

Inspiration is key on the pop-up website For 8 weeks visitors clicked their way to exclusive content and special offers, all presented with a distinctive South Tyrolean accent. New interactive inspiration on a different theme was showcased every week, ranging from gastronomy and design to fun outdoor activities. The website was only opened when the sun was shining in Belgium. 

Online & offline

In addition to the pop-up site, we also gave a boost to South Tyrol’s social media channels in Belgium, ensuring the necessary presence in online and print media, and set up shared content deals with De Standaard Online and others. The campaign ran through mid-July.


Our summer campaign generated into 25,000 unique visitors to the summer pop-up website. We achieved also an extra 900 Facebook likes and started to extend other social media channels, including Pinterest.

The 300 days of sunshine campaign was picked up by the Flemish press including,, Het Laatste Nieuws, De Zondag, Op weg and others.