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The Sound Of Sorry

Interactive campaign encouraging critics to sing they're sorry

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How can we encourage Ray-Ban fans from all over the world, to right their wrongs? To undertake a personal act of courage, such as saying they're sorry?


We set up The Sound of Sorry act, an interactive campaign in which we encouraged critics and bullies to face up to their wrongs and say…no sing… they're sorry.


We brought 9 people into contact with others they had hurt and tested their courage to right a wrong. In so doing, we invited each critic into the recording studio and asked them if they had the courage to face the microphone. Using the lyrics from Elton John’s song "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" for their own redemption.

We launched an interactive experience on's global website to bring the sound of sorry to life.


The emotional journey was documented through a series of micro-documentaries and shared on Ray-Ban’s social channels. Gathering over 1.5 million views and likes.