The ingredient
of a good start

Alpro’s exciting new world of plant-based ingredients to inspire with a healthy lifestyle

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Create awareness about Alpro’s exciting world of plant-based ingredients and inspire the target audience with a healthy lifestyle. 


We kicked off the 2015 campaign with ‘The Ingredient of a Good Start’, a cute and wonderful brand-new commercial. 


The commercial tells the story of Alpro’s hero squirrel Ally, unobtrusively helping our protagonist during her morning routine. In so doing, our little helper facilitates her ‘get up - get ready’ mood by offering her the choice of a healthy lifestyle with Alpro Almond. Along the way, our hero illustrates his innate love for deliciously roasted almonds with a sparkling smile.

The wonderful world of Ally was first introduced on YouTube last year with ‘Nature’s Nuts’ and ‘A Nutty Dream’, and now he’s hopping onto TV screens all across Europe.

Gents came up with the creative strategy and the concept of the campaign, and worked together closely with Brussels-based production company Adult and 3D animation studio Nozon to capture the story and bring Ally to life in a real-life environment. The catchy tune was done by Ghent-based audio wizards Audiotheque.