SOS Children's Villages

Every Second Counts

The first ever interactive fundraising campaign on YouTube

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In October 2016, the SOS Children’s Village in Damascus, Syria was bombed. Many children were, and still are, in desperate need of help and attention.


We wanted to help raise awareness and funds for the children living in war-torn regions of the world.

Because for them, every second counts!


We created an interactive YouTube fundraising where we employed the mechanism of a preroll countdown timer allowing the viewer to offer a donation in the form of “seconds”. Reminding viewers to donate, every second they skip.

With smart custom codes, we made it possible for SOS Children’s Villages to receive a donation of €1 for every second you skip. The sooner the viewer clicked away from the preroll, the more they were asked to donate.

Every donation went towards reconstructing the recently bombed village in Damascus.


"The interactive dimension of 'Every second counts' strengthens the engagement of the NGO and its donors." MediaMarketing Magazine - Campaign of the week


"Every second counts.Definitely in a warzone, definitely for children." Pub Magazine


"It is a great feeling when you know that there are smart and sympathetic people who work to support you during your hard times." Tom Moons - SOS Children's Villages Belgium