Coco Loco:
A Monkey Adventure

A nutty YouTube adventure starring Mr. & Ms. Coco and Martino the llama

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Alpro, pioneer in plant-based foods, launched a new ingredient: coconut. How can we create online awareness for Alpro’s new Coconut Drink with a clear focus on the ingredient?


We launched the Coco Loco - A monkey adventure commercial. In collaboration with YumYum London, we created additional and new 'nutty’ characters, presenting the new (coconut) ingredient. We featured them in a nutty adventure that took place on a deserted island.

New 'nutty’ characters in collaboration with YumYum London

Spreading the power of cuteness

We spoiled selected international bloggers with a limited edition ‘do-it-yourself’ Mister Coco kit. Spreading the cuteness of our little digital heroes and making them tangible and huggable. The box contained materials like, felt, glue, needle and thread and filling, needed to make your Mister Coco monkey.

The limited edition ‘do-it-yourself’ Mister Coco kit


The commercial reached over 18 million views on YouTube worldwide. The hashtags #alpro #coconut were used by every blogger we sent our unique do-it-yourself Mister Coco kit to. Sharing the power of cuteness online and spreading word of Alpro’s new coconut ingredient.