Bulldog Gin

Bold Is The Night

Bold Is The Night: a branded series disclosing the Belgian nightlife scene‚Ä®

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How can we highlight Bulldog Gin’s rebellious attitude ànd strengthen the brand’s position on the Belgian market?


Together with The Word Magazine, Belgium’s leading free arts and music media platform, we launched an exclusive editorial series: Bold Is The Night. A cross-media collaboration documenting Belgium’s vibrant nightlife, through local music rebels. Linking the rebellious attitude of Bulldog Gin with Belgium’s underground music scene.

Gents joined forces with six electronic ground-shakers to embody the Bulldog attitude, from promoters and producers to DJs, radio hosts and label heads.

Through a custom print edition in The Word Magazine, a six-part web series and exclusive online content, these bold night-crawlers disclose the secrets of their city and music during the Summer. Along with Bulldog Gin.