Alpro The Movie

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Create awareness about Alpro’s exciting world of plant-based ingredients. 


We launched a unique piece of branded content for Alpro: an animated trailer that unveils the wonderful origin of Alpo’s plant-based products.


The trailer-like introduction is an online prequel to the current TV campaign: ‘The ingredient of a good start’. Giving fans a peek into a world of plant-based wonders and using the teasing power of trailers to introduce the range of ingredients. 

A story across screens

The trailer tells the story of squirrel Ally and his cute little friends. At the break of dawn the nut-crazy squirrel Ally sneaks out and heads to Alpro’s fantastic factory. Once arrived, we enter a world of wonder where Ally and his little friends test & craft tasty ingredients.


The Hollywood-esque piece of animation actually reveals what takes place before the protagonist in the TV commercial: ‘The ingredient of a good start’ wakes up.

To immerse fans even more in the wonderful world of Ally and his friends, we launched adorable bloopers of the TV commercial on YouTube. Because even with Alpro, our hero Ally can hit a minor bump in the road during his morning routine.

Gents came up with the creative strategy and concept. The agency’s digital designers also created the blueprints for the characters and the world of wonder. For the animation the agency worked once again very close with Brussels based studio Nozon. The cinematic tune was done by the agency’s resident audio wizards Audiotheque.