We are an


We are an independent, passionate and quirky interactive boutique agency inhabited by fearless and open-minded digital natives. We focus on creating smart interactions between brands and their relations. We strongly believe in interactive communications and innovative experiences.

We are a full service agency for brands with the ambition to lean into tomorrow. We are a true partner, whether we are increasing awareness, building an innovative new mobile tool or finding a new consistent strategic platform.


We have a hybrid approach where creativity, strategy, service and production meet. STRATEGY x CREATIVITY x SERVICES x PRODUCTION

  • Strategy

    We are experienced strategists. We immerse ourselves in the lives of your brand’s target group, uncovering motivations and needs. Armed with insights we shape brands.

  • Creativity

    We are innovative creatives. We think up amazing concepts, unseen user experiences, great storytelling and innovative tools, spaces, products and services. And, we agree with Irving Mills. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. We believe the best ideas come with a twist.

  • Services

    We are amazingly service-minded. We are all ears. We understand that people like to be heard. So we listen. To you, our client, and to each other. By doing this we strive for long-term relationships. We like to work with like-minded people and companies, and love clients who are forward-thinking.

  • Production

    We are an awesome production unit that provides customised solutions for every challenge. We are experts in design, talents in visual storytelling, UX-specialists, creative technologists and other content producers. We have an in-house production unit covering the creation of TV, digital, radio, print, PR, social media, CRM, mobile, web, packaging, POS, B2B, games, …


gents offers talented, conscientious professionals with high professional aspirations the opportunity to join a creative agency that excels in a wide range of assignments at the cutting edge of interactive communications.

At gents we foster a creative and collaborative working atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to produce amazing work. We like to work with like-minded people who take care of each other and communicate in a friendly and respectful manner.

You’ve sent us your resumé? Don’t remind us, we remind you. If your application fits our needs, we’ll get back to you in no-time. No openings for your profile? Submit your CV anyway. If you’re truly brilliant, we’ll find a job for you.

Recruiters may not apply.

gents ip projects

We believe in the power and value of our own ideas, consequently we invest in them. We love the journey of innovation and newness launching products, services and companies that make the world a more amazing place. Our home-made IP projects are born out of curiosity and enthusiasm.